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Barbara Ann Fischer 

Hello, and welcome to my digital capstone portfolio. 


This portfolio is a selection summary of my work class studies as a graduate student, at Emporia State University, in their master’s degree program; School of Library and Information Management (SLIM), with my concentration in leadership.   


Looking and thinking about my journey into librarianship is most inspirational to me. It began when I wanted to change my career field; wanting to shift my purpose of being. I felt a sort of fear shifting gears, but I knew a change would lead me to where I wanted to be; serving the purpose of helping others, while learning and educating myself to then share with others; being a part of information and education literacy. Shifting career gears began by volunteering at the Waldport Public Library, and the Newport Performing Arts Center (The PAC).   


At the PAC, I became involved with the Cultural Arts Guide, as advertising Coordinator, traveling north to south on the Oregon Coast selling ad space in the guide, but most importantly I met artists, cultural entities, crafters among others; this was a new world for me. I also served as a committee member on Oregon’s Cultural Trust, and was Lincoln County Coordinator for the Washington D.C Capital Holiday Tree Project, while assisting with office reception duties. 


Volunteering at the PAC was just the beginning, as I began volunteering at the Waldport Public Library, I found that I had a penchant for volunteering at our local library, as I assisted patrons with their life needs. Helping patrons find a specific book, seeing children’s  big smiles as they chose a book, and or teaching patrons how to use our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC); this became my passion, I wanted to become a librarian. In 2006, I was hired by the City of Waldport, Oregon!! Fast forwarding to 2018, I have graduated from Oregon Coast Community College, Portland State University, and successfully completed the American Library Association’s Library Support Staff Certification Program, to then apply and be accepted into Emporia State University’s SLIM Master’s Program, graduating in the fall of 2018.  All of this along with working a full-time office reception job, which I really enjoyed, and my part-time library position at the Waldport Public Library. 


I took the plunge into librarianship!! And I am enjoying my new career choice! It is an exciting time to be working in libraries, and I look forward to participating in the ever changing landscape of libraries and librarianship.    


As a Librarian, at the Waldport Public Library, in the roles of Library Clerk, website manager/editor, and acquisitions for the media genre, my job duties have presented me with a variety of skills and knowledge. But by far, the most enjoyable time is the excitement of being part of a library community that thrives on helping community members with best practices. Being a librarian is a way of life; assisting people with their needs, helping with literacy education, and enjoying my passion for librarianship.  


Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reviewing my portfolio. 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.