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      Hello! My name is Angie Locke. Welcome to my digital portfolio for ESU's SLIM! I created this online resource for you to see what I accomplished and learned in graduate school.  I am serving now at Wichita State University as a Research and Instruction Librarian and Associate Professor. It's amazing and fulfilling. The theory put into real life application is intriguing and challenging.  It is an incredible feeling to find the academic love of my life; librarianship in an academic setting is challenging, exciting, stimulating, and rewarding as helping others obtain information is deeply satisfying.


     Previous to this position, I spent 14th years as a hybrid fitness professional; a combination employee performing as both personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.  Encouraging others to excel and better their lives through health is rewarding. Because mind and body are interconnected, I have always loved books and research and am passionate about literacy and helping people develop academically/socially etc. and find information to serve their needs.  The library appeals to me as a place of freedom by virtue of the fact that it is, literally, free.  There is such value in knowing that I don't have to sell anything but ideas, information, and enthusiasm there.  Concepts are such an easy sell when you are sold on them yourself.


     I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Colorado in psychology in 1986,  so I had been out of the realm of academia for

 a while, fashioning a tableau of real-life experience.  This program implanted huge intellectual growth in me and aside from the internal/external push (read: positive stress) of constant homework and projects, I loved every minute of it!


     This picture was taken in London this past February (2014), as I was blessed to have been accepted to go on the SLIM Librarians in London trip. I learned so many aspects of global librarianship and the struggles and joys we have in common with libraries there. It was eye-opening and the value of connecting with London librarians and the kinship we share with them cannot be overestimated.  I'm so grateful for this new career path and new friends.


   This portfolio is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Library Science degree at the School of Library and Information Management, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas.  I am currently teaching library workshop sessions for graduate and undergraduate students at the university, as well as doing reference services and on-going technology projects pertaining to information literacy.  Please enjoy browsing through my portfolio and feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

                                                                                                                ~  Angie Locke

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.